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The MAD Sim Racing Road Program entails Road Series Racing as well as the Endurance Program. This is MAD Sim Racing's most active program, with multi-car entries in many team events on iRacing.

There is a path to team Endurance Racing, and 24 Hour Racing, for a driver of any skill. New drivers are referred to the MSR Road Challenge Series for road seat time, as well as invited to team practice sessions with training assistance and support. Amateur endurance drivers can be paired with the right skill level and progress from GT4/GT3 to GTE to Prototype racing. 



The MAD Sim Racing Oval Program is the team's main week-night league competition, with our home league being the Cyber Thunder Racing League. Like the Road Program, there are divisions for drivers of all skills to be placed in, from the Wednesday night ARCA Series for lower iRating, to the Tuesday Truck Series open to those below 4000 iRating, to the invitational Pro Cup Series which is broadcast weekly.

The MAD Sim Racing Oval Program works together in pursuit of an overall points championship in the series we compete in.