The MAD Sim Racing Team began in 2004/2005 during the peak of Papyrus' Sim Racing Platform. Then "MAD Motorsports", the team featured current drivers, Tyler and Bradley Beamon, and competed in the Piggz Racing League, and eventually in the broadcast and invitational MCR Pro Cup League. The team at that time earned two entries in that full-field series by winning two series championships, a fixed-setup cup division, and a late model division. From there, the team has gone dormant and resurfaced over the years, as Papyrus' developer joined iRacing, and it rose as the leader in competitive sim racing. 

In recent years, and with a renewed energy and re-branded team name in 2020, the MAD Sim Racing Team is resolved to grow, and welcome new drivers to iRacing and Sim Racing competition. The team promotes good sportsmanship and race craft, and participates regularly in leagues that promote the same. Whether it is an oval or road circuit, MAD Sim Racing will be there to compete.

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